A second Axial Age?? /2008/11/09/a-second-axial-age/

A Second Axial Age?
The same issue we see with the gurus, we see in miniature in the work of Karen Armstrong, whose book The Great Transformation, made a hopeless mess of the Axial Age material (as discussed at great length at Darwiniana.com), and then made another mess with the idea of a second Axial Age.

I have always suspected that she had read the first edition of World History And The Effect and decided to have a go with the material, the result being a confusing muddle that satisfied, however, the establishment wish to keep the issue of the Axial period out of the public domination routine.
In general, interpretations of the Axial Age get sidelined by false ideas of spiritual ages, which a close look at the phenomenon shows to be false.
In any case, the link leads to an interview with Andrew Cohen’s outfit, which wanted her take on a Second Axial Age.
The idea is that one can slyly override the significance of modernity by invoking the coming of a ‘second axial age’, one in which the gurus will be in charge, I guess.
Andrew Cohen is caught redhanded here in his propaganda routine which he plied for several year in his magazine.
It just goes to show that these gurus have lost their sense of the dynamics of history, and are involved in elementary misperceptions.

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