Armstrong, compassion, and Axial Age confusions /2008/11/14/armstrong-compassion-and-axial-age-confusions/

Armstrong, compassion, and Axial Age confusions

Critique of Karen Amstrong
Gurdjieff’s anti-compassion problem in reverse!!

Armstrong and her tactics of deceit and VIP propaganda.

Her book The Great Transformation did immense harm to the archaeological site of the so-called Axial Age. Appearing in the wake of the first edition of World History And The Eonic Effect this book, without any acknowledgment stripped the Axial Age of its macrohistorical/evolutionary significance, and proceed to do a revolting sausage job on the religious manifestation of that mysterious period. Along with a downplaying of the Axial Greek phenomenon. The result was to make the Axial Age, among other things, safe for an age of Darwinists and Darwin mania. How compassionate.
Armstrong is a completely deceptive and brazen pretender who was ignorant enough to sausage up monotheism and Buddhism, one source, if not the source, in one great stream of the compassion theme. It is a complex Buddhist chord that will rise and bite you because it doesn’t mean what you think.
I am currently debriefing the Gurdjieff phenomenon, where compassion went in reverse. These people became so infuriated by false politician’s compassion they decided to conspire to promote hate instead of love.

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