Bennett’s systematics and the enneagram /2008/11/09/bennetts-systematics-and-the-enneagram/

Bennett’s systematics and the enneagram

We have discussed the enneagram here before, critically (to say the least), and it is interesting to watch the way Bennett slinks away from it, perhaps realizing that it couldn’t perform the task assigned to it.
Bennett’s systematics, which is finally, in my view, an insufficiently rigorous analysis of number series of a particular kind, but bypasses the nine-lore in the enneagram for his strange, but at least interesting, emphasis on the dodecad, the twelve-term system, which he defines from scratch, with whatever result.
But the point is that, as I suspect, while remaining outwardly reverent toward the enneagram, Bennett quietly gave it a secondary place in his work. This would of course be easy to deny since he always toed the party line with expressions of the profundity of the enneagram, but a close look at The Dramatic Universe shows he was on to something else.

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