Crowleyanity (beside Gurdjieffianity) /2008/11/02/crowleyanity-beside-gurdjieffianity/

Crowleyanity (beside Gurdjieffianity)

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947)
Although it can be dangerous for many people to even dabble in the strange world
of Aleister Crowley, in considering sufism one has no real choice.
All the sugary stuff on the surface about love hides
the behind the scenes viciousness going on.

Crowley is a strange fish in that context, an perhaps
beyond the shock of seeing such a figure in public he (and Gurdjieff) served the purpose
of giving the public negative warnings in disguise.
Actually Crowley is a fairly transparent figure, despite
the disinformation of his (auto)biographical details.
‘Do what thou wilt’ appears to be an injunction he
never understood, as he bombed out as a ‘finished Faust’
and drug addict. Gurdjieff’s encounter with this fellow
has been recorded, and, behind the surface hostility,
the two figures show a certain resemblance.

The first thing to consider as to Crowley is the sequence
of thematics on ‘will’, leading up to what appears to be his
deliberate desecration of Kantian ethics.
::Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, …..Crowlean parody.

That noone can really understand the complexity of Kantian ethics
let alone apply it is not proof that ‘doing matters of evil’ is esoteric
and thereby justified.
That’s the best self-defense: you may be ignorant as to the ‘secrets’
of occultists, but what you do know is that almost all such types
are not sufficiently intelligent to resolve the Kantian complexities
of ‘willed action’. It’s not ‘their word against Kant, et al.”.
There isn’t any superior ‘higher estoteric ethic’ that anyone
has ever demonstrated to the public world.
The reason the Gurdjieff work is so nervous about Kant
(I should hasten to add that Kantian philosophy is just that, philosophy,
and not off limits to philosophic critics).

The fad of the evildoers that suddenly appears around the time
of Blavatsky, Nietzsche, and others at the end of the nineteenth
century is a significant, and somewhat mysterious, movement
in itself, but one that has left a bit too many people confused indeed.
All you can do is backtrack to the point before it began to reach the larger context of
cultural ‘sanity’ where the escapades of such shadow figures
are the object of ancient and wholesome warning myths.

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