Cult concealment and the exploitation of hidden former followers /2008/11/12/cult-concealment-and-the-exploitation-of-hidden-former-followers/

Cult concealment and the exploitation of hidden former followers

Yesterday’s post brings home a significant point: notice how all these gurus are unable to address themselves to public religious issues! They are supposed to be the great experts, but they have nothing to contribute. Now why is that?
Here we are in the middle of religious crisis, a crisis of culture, with every kind of religious confusion runningn rampant, and these people have nothing whatever to say. (Rajneesh was a slight exception, not that his meanderings amounted to anything).
Look at E.J. Gold. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, of any significance in any of his books. He never makes any statements, except obvious bullshit, about the nature of spiritual practice or anything else. If he does seem to say something, it is a red alert moment, he is sure to be lying, somehow.

In fact the whole game is just a revolving door as those dumb enought to ‘commit’ on their brief tour of the premises can expect mindfuck once contact has been broken and lost, and noone has a public record so and so was involved.
It is unlike the usual cult which everyone is eager to dismantle. In this case, the appearance of dismantling the cult is constant, while the shadowy aspects of a black magician masquerading as guru is carried out by other means on people no longer visible in public.
There should have been a public record of those involved, and a means to keep an eye on them for vital life signs.
Thus my concern over SK. The explosive rage all of sudden to break contacts, identity himself in public, and isolate himself.

It is good for those who approach the Gold outfit to be completely wary on this issue. The time in the ‘cult space’ is worthless. But once you come to the awareness of the operators you are vulnerable. And these people are no compassionate.
They expect you will never find out.
It is good to disambiguate your position. Make a declaration of non-involvement, like Ouspensky who saved himself unwittingly by declaring he was not a part of the work. What an irony! The man who started it escaped at the last moment.

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