EnlightenNext /2008/11/16/enllightennext/


I note that What is Enlightenment? magazine has transmorgrified into EnllightenNext magazine.
Same old recycled New Age junk. All these articles are tiresome theme and variations whose notable aspect is a big zero in the middle.
It would be nice if they had an article that exposed, say, the Gold game or the Gurdjieff con.
No such luck. There is a six inch thick veil of PR and a closing of the ranks around all the sins of the gurus. Andrew Cohen, born in brooklyn, may as well be one of the neo-brahmin reactionaries.
Meanwhile, Cohen preys on celebrities, a poor imitation of Gurdjieff’s method, and never seems to score a big Intellectual, unless maybe Ken Wilbur whose panditry must have been designed to make no sense. I can see no other explanation for the tide of verbiage.

Occasionally, some of your visito

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