From Darwiniana: Shaykh, shaykh, shaykh and bake

From Darwiniana: Shaykh, shaykh, shaykh and bake

An old post from 2007 from Darwiniana:

SK sends me this link…
the google blog search turns up interesting tidbits sometimes. check out
‘authenticity of sufi shaykhs’ re: e.j. gold

Since Mr. Whitehouse has never met Mr. Gold, and has little information, we can take his remarks as courteous verbiage.

First, Mr. Gold is not so talented, he is second rate in fact. His books are so dreadfully dishwater as to be useless junk. And they lie in usual sufi fashion. Gold is a smart faust/occultist behind his sufi veneer, the ultimate in deliberate ’shmucks’ (forgive the jewish terminology, but he would relish it, I am sure), and some of his dirty tricks are spectacular, among them creation of anti-semites via—well, sillykitty, I will call it mindcontrol, not the right term perhaps. Now why would a nice jewish boy from brooklyn want to use Crowley to create anti-semites?
Maybe a sick joke, or an attempt to out-devil Gurdjieff. Think of something wicked, it’s the ‘work’.
Btw, the sufi hyeanas were eager to recruit jews back then, they thought they were smart, and it keeps the gentile suckers confused, and scared of the anti-semite charge.

IN FACT, neither E.j. Gold nor any of the other assholes who call themselves sufi shayks has, to my knowledge, ever produced anything of cultural value in a form that can help social discourse.
It is worth keeping in mind in light of our discussion of Idries Shah, who grasped that problem, and failed to solve it, in his preening of sufi feathers. But all that material is very ancient, please note, some of it a millennium ago. The last few centuries of sufism seems like it must have made a pact with the devil.
It is a barren game, to me. Look at what is happening in the Islamic world. Chaos. And where is there the slightest indication that Sufis are able, or even willing, to help, or come down from their machiavellian ‘esoteric’ exploitations to try and direct traffic in some intelligent sense? In fact, it gets worse, the real hyenas are fascists content to foment the violence and, would you know it, Mr. Whitehouse, E.J. Gold was once overheard speaking about how genocide was a Gaian sacrifice (with Hitler in mind), necessary for God. It is possible he was kidding, but thinking back, it seems that he was not.
So please spare us the crap about the divine voice, the transmission of baraka, and the rest of it. Flush the toilet please. Islam is a gnostic/sufi madhouse, a firetrap driven insane by a pack of devils. I admire Gurdjieff in one way, he was unique in confessing to be a devil, no kidding, G. All others call themselves ’shayks’, I guess.
Mr. Whitehouse, Gold’s chief buddy in the sufi work is the founder of the San Francisco Ball, a porno weekly like Goldstein’s Screw magazine (seventies info, I don’t know if it still exists, or what happened to his sidekick). There isn’t any implication of any kind that shaykhs have spiritual authority, deserve our allegiance, or that they produce development in those they court in their outer organizations.

And people are being hurt by all this. The list of Gold victims, casualties, basketcases, people deliberately destroyed (Their book of the dead bardo, wouldn’t you know, good for them), is considerable, and these people want to make a sufi tradition out of that.
I think we should in this day and age, spit in the face of this tradition of fraud, mayhem, and occult violence.
Over and out.

There are teachers and, then, there are ‘teachers’. A teacher may, or may not, be a spiritual guide. The fact that one can learn from someone does not necessarily make the person from whom one learns either a teacher, a ‘teacher’, or a spiritual guide, for, among other things, teaching and guidance both depend on the presence of a certain kind of intention.

Although what I ‘know’, in some sense of this word, about E.J. Gold is limited — and none of what I ‘know’ is based on direct experience with him – nonetheless, the dilemma with which he (along with many others) presents a seeker may be instructive. Moreover, all of this can be done without passing judgment on Mr. Gold – either positively or negatively.

Apparently, Mr. Gold is one of those rare individuals who is both multi-talented and quite intelligent. He writes, draws, paints, sculpts, makes jewelry, takes pictures, plays jazz, and does business – and, moreover, he does all of these with a great deal of skill, knowledge, and talent. In addition, he is a consummate speaker, a scholar of considerable resources, and a very insightful and intuitive observer of the human condition.

Jesus (peace be upon him) exhibited few of the foregoing, qualities, and with the exception of, possibly, the realm of business, neither did the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). So, I suppose, the moral of the story is that we should stop listening to such individuals like Jesus (peace be upon him) and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and, instead, follow those individuals who exhibit talent and, as a result, are capable of impressing us in one way or another.

People such as Mr. Gold lead very interesting lives. I am sure that his life experience and the understanding which has arisen out of that life experience are valuable resources for those with whom he comes in contact.

However, neither talent, intelligence, an interesting life, intuition, nor being a valuable resource make someone a spiritual guide, and this is true quite irrespective of whether such people speak, write, or teach about spirituality. A person can write books about spirituality, or go on speaking tours which focus on spirituality, or conduct workshops on spirituality, and none of this, in and of itself, makes someone a spiritual guide – and, this remains so, even if someone who reads a book, or listens to a lecture, or participates in a workshop with such an individual comes away with ‘food for thought’ which has a spiritual flavor to it.

There is only one factor which can make someone a spiritual guide – that is, someone who serves as a locus of manifestation for the concentrated and consistent transmission of barakah or Divine Grace through which self-realization of essential identity and unique spiritual capacity is, God willing, made possible. This sine qua non of the mystical quest is that the person who serves in the capacity of a spiritual guide has been appointed as such by Divinity.

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