Psychologists and torture /2008/11/10/psychologists-and-torture/

Psychology and Torture

In late September, the American Psychological Association reversed a longstanding policy by voting to ban its members from participating in interrogations at United States detention centers, including Guantanamo Bay. Just a year earlier, the association had declined to take this action, but did pass a resolution listing a number of methods of interrogation -– sleep deprivation, sexual humiliation, exploitation of phobias, loud music, harsh lights and mock executions were examples –- with which psychologists should not be involved.

Of interest is an article in the Times on the various stances of psychological professionals to issues of torture, and in general the notable differences from the medical profession with its Hippocratic oath.
Anyone entering the Gurdjieff realm especially falls immediately into a trap, that his well being, health and sanity are not necessarily to be respected, this without stating such.

There is of course a difference between the ‘celebrity assholes’ recruited for public information, pampered and given decoy ‘higher states of consciousness’ as propaganda that the method works, and the resultant treatment of everyone else, out of public view, no doubt.

The time has come to demand the equivalent of the Hippocratic Oath from those, especially sufis known for their cruelty, who pronounce themselves spiritual gurus (assuming we don’t consider the abolition of the whole category! But the psychological professionals are not necessarily any better).

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