Sillykitty parts ways /2008/10/29/sillykitty-parts-ways/

Sillykitty parts ways

I deleted this post from yesterday, and now I hear from sillykitty that he is parting ways, I presume, because of genuine fear of retaliation (and/or disagreements?).
Too bad.
Catching a black magician in the act doesn’t happen everyday.
In fact, I fear SK’s cover is blown. Best of luck

Sillykitty, don’t blow your cover
I have to do this out in the open, but I have already endured all the voodoo they can throw at me, and survived, and they know. So they lurk in the shadows, shitting: what laughably could be called their public reputation is highly fragile.
Back to your foxhole, SK.
Note: it is probably a good idea to post anonymously here, although in most cases it would matter.

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