The Dramatic Universe /2008/11/08/the-dramatic-universe/

The Dramatic Universe

The work of Bennett ironically burst the seams of Gurdjieff’s closed universe and began to strike out on its own, although, unfortunately, a small amount of overlap remains (more so in his summary text Deeper Man).
Unfortunately the thinking behind this effort is likely to become a kind legitimation of Gurdjieffianity. That the core conceptions are Samkhya and Schopenhauer, among others, demands a clarification, and a restatement without the trappings Bennett placed around those other traditions. This lighthanded use of other traditions shows that Gurdjieff and Sufis generally are parasites and have no fundamental view of reality of their own, beyond, at least in the case of Islamic Sufis, the matrix of Islam, about which I won’t comment, since it is unfamiliar to me.

It is a reminder to anyone associated with the Gurdjieff work: any independent creative activity could easily be invaded/infiltrated by the trojans of the occulted Gurdjieff mob.
In any way, the whole game is puzzling. They thought they would get away with it, but the result would consitute a religion created by a mafia.
Life shows some screwups, and screwed up religions, but that sets a limit. Some would laugh at such a statement, saying that religions have always ended up demonic.
But an organized religiosity serving only to screw all its members has a poor future.
This ought to be the last generation of naive Gurdjieffianity.

Meanwhile, it is hard to see how Bennett’s independent contribution can be salvaged, but at least one can protest that the classical Samkhya and Schopenhauer, etc, are not private property of the Gurdjieff mob, most of whom are too stupid to grasp the situation in any case.

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