The ‘new age’ of modernity /2008/11/01/the-new-age-of-modernity/

The ‘new age’ of modernity

Our discussion has frequently touched on the crypto-political character of the ‘Work’, and of the Traditionalists, but the ‘New Age’ confusion has missed the epochal character of the real ‘new age’, the rise of the modern period, as such, the only candidate for that spurious phantom, the ‘second Axial Age’. Here is a short piece on the issue, The Politics Of Evolution

The result [the eonic effect] allows us to challenge the anti-modernism and anti-democratic subversions of classic, and contemporary, reactionaries with a cautious demonstration of historical directionality,…

Figures such as Gurdjieff are still caught in the perception of the decline of modernity from a ‘higher’ antiquity, and this misleading perspective throws doubt on their understanding of history and evolution. What to say of their authoritarian conspicacies against modern freedom.

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