Typeset of DU /2008/11/06/typeset-of-du/

Typeset of DU

We are offered a typeset edition of Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe, splendid.
The commentary on Bennett here has been of a different character to much of the discussion. I am critical, yet Bennett’s work contains some unique material of value in creating a general discourse on spiritual psychology. His indirect interpretation of classical Samkhya is of considerable value in the attempt to arrive at some understanding of that classic pyschology from ancient India.
So, good show.

Dear Nemo

If you want a set of the current edition of Bennett’s Dramtic Universe I will send you a set free of charge. This is not a new edition but a facsimile of the original typesetting. Sadly it includes many technical errors which you may or may not be able to detect. But your input would be useful.


From More on Bennett, 2008/11/06 at 7:28 AM

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