Da Free John…e j gold…spiritual rape

Da Free John…e j gold…spiritual rape

This guru was one of the most subtly destructive in my experience, often, I suspect, for people who had nothing to do with him (he had to treat his in house disciples differently), such as myself.

People need to be warned to never ‘guruize’ from a distance with a book.
If you thought Cohen or Da Free John were bad, consider e j gold.
As to Cohen’s ‘monopoly’,he has none, and he won’t/didn’t last long: the specialist in monopoly here is e j gold. Beside destroying the spiritual paths of anyone he can, he attacks other gurus and tries to destroy their reputation.
He is truly a strange menace, hurting those who never suspect, and never showing mercy.

Recall, sillykitty and his charges of spiritual rape

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