Gold and a cult registry /2008/11/23/gold-and-a-cult-registry/

Gold and a cult registry

One of the great lost opportunities for a post-sufistic spiritual culture, and more specifically a post-Gold period, is the failure to keep a registry of those who interacted with him. God only knows the fate of some of the suckers of the seventies who could never establish a connection to the institutional version of the ‘gold cult/church’.
Such a registry would have, apart from any other uses, have been a considerable inducement to restraint on the part of the psychopathic Gold.

His tactics were to use cult inducements to bring people into association and then get rid of them in short order. well, parting ways is fine, but the subtler issue is that separation on one level leaves an opportunity for the ‘hungry’ individual shorn of his chance for a school after a merest taste (the tactic is deliberate) to hope for some other form of continuation, with subtly induced hopes that the loner is really the true follower. At that point the sucker goes into the next, far more destructive round of sufistic exploitation, the public none the wiser, and the assholes in the ‘official cult’ proceeding on the merry-go-round unaware of the irrelevance of their cult membership or its activities.

New forms of crime need to forms of self-defense.

All these people need to be tracked down to check on their mental and physical health, and to see if they are in the guinea pig mode in any way.
A cult registry could have helped, but of course that’s just the point with this ‘work’-sadist Gold: we never heard of you, but since the outside of the school is the inside, you deserve everything you get, since you agreed to it in the cult premises.

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