How Lozowick blew it /2008/12/03/how-lozowick-blew-it/

How Lozowick blew it

I can’t find the reference to the period when Lozowick disavowed his book Spiritual Slavery. Nor am I sure of the details of any of that (which must have occured at about the time Da Free John bombed out with his disciples). Lozowick is not quite the worst of the gurus, yet he produced (or at least made explicit, a blunder?) the worst of the ‘guru’ domination books (next to Anirvan’s To Live Within), a book that I ran into in the seventies and which left me justifiably angry. Of course in Lozowick’s world that is the wrong reaction. What were you supposed to do? Embrace slavery and renounce human freedom for the sake of a complete asshole like Lozowick? And suffer the bad vibes and voodoo attacks if you didn’t agree?
Obviously it was impolitic to take guru fanclub idiocy to such an extreme and someone in India obviously intervened. It is hard to piece together what the details were.
Of course, still, he gets to play guru. You can’t quite admit there was a mistake.

Is there no end to it? In fact, I think there is. I hope we are in the last generations of this distortion of the real potential for human development that has been taken over by this blight of the cult of gurus.

So Lozowick seems to be near the last fart end of the game. Not too far from Da Free John and Andrew Cohen.

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