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My comments on Lozowick

nemo said,

01.12.08 at 3:48 pm ·

I encountered Lozowick’s people in the seventies about the time I intersected briefly with Gold’s gang. In a way, LL was a critic of Gold who, however, never made any criticisms, and his people tried to catch up and absorb Gold’s people as they came out the exit door. They tried that with me, but I wasn’t a Gold person, merely an observer, and soon the same for LL.

Lozowick’s sudden appearance was in relation to Da Free John. I don’t what was going on there, but LL was a sort of DFJ clone or something, disciple or competitor?. Problem is, he had no guru to put on his shingle, the reason I presume for his later trot to India to exhume some idiot to be his guru. LL goofed all the way.
If you follow this game you see why when they tried again (they must have wanted instant Jewish gurus, what is all that about? Gold certainly had complete contempt for most Gentiles and had a secret lineage of Jewish ’successors’, I met one, all the rest were Gentile benchwarmers) they made sure the connection a guru was publically explicit.

One owes nothing to these people given this false game of how they are set up as gurus. LL is less shitty than the rest perhaps. It is hard to piece together the full picture.
Sorry about the commentary about Jews, but I don’t think it is inappropriate. The fact has to be faced that this was a closed game with Gentiles (and not a few Jews) paying the bills. Sorry again, but these people have completely wasted the lives of so many that became entangled in their lies. How to be done with it finally and move on? We got the message, Gurus are totally unnecessary, as is ’sadhana’, that is, if all you want is a shaktipat freebie.
Note and update: It is important to remember that many Hindus and not a few Jews (!) take seriously that idea that their cultures are the only spiritual cultures and that ‘progress on the path’ requires birth in those groups. Behind all the polite words most of these gurus (definitely not all) actually believe that nonsense. This concealed chauvinism explains not a little of what’s going on. (and if the statistical distribution of suddenly ‘enlightened Jews’ suddenly spikes after three thousand years of nothing, then you should be suspicious of manufactured gurudom! The odds are against this situation, so if it occurs, something fishy is afoot.
It is important be wary then if you are a Gentile or you will simply waste all your time. There are absolutely zero grounds for anything anti-semitic here. Pity these fools with their con game.

nemo said,

01.12.08 at 4:02 pm · Edit

Now I remember: LL wrote a book called Spiritual Slavery, a totally off color mistake for which he ended up paying the price of being chucked out of the guru game, apparently. That book was totally off the wall in its obsessive tactics over the guru game.
I read somewhere that at some point he burned the book in effigy to try and rescue his reputation.

nemo said,

01.12.08 at 4:09 pm · Edit

Here’s the funny joke about LL from MBFM’s link to WIE
This situation is transparent to me, but
LL either doesn’t understand what happened or is being deceptive.
It was always a mystery to me what had happened to LL all of a sudden. Now it is clear what it was, or at least we can guess roughly what was going on.
>>>>>WIE: You have said that Yogi Ramsuratkumar was the source of the awakening that occurred to you one year previous to your meeting him. How can someone be the source of somebody else’s awakening that occurred before they ever met?

LL: Well, to a spiritual master, there’s no such thing as the past, the present, or the future. To us, everything happens very linearly. In 1975, this shift of context happened for me. In 1976, I met Yogi Ramsuratkumar. In 1983, I really dedicated myself to him as my teacher. But to him, when Jesus was born might have been fifty years in the future. And some person that to us hasn’t even been born yet, to him was like a living, breathing presence. Time is completely malleable. So for a master like Yogi Ramsuratkumar, the past, the present, and the future are completely interchangeable. He could shift them around at his will. I can’t describe that according to a law of physics, although I’m sure that’s possible. But that’s how it is.

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