Persian fire /2008/12/29/persian-fire/

Persian Fire

This book on the Persian Wars is an interesting reminder of a quarrel, that, most surprisingly, lingers in the background of the Gurdjieff work. At first you don’t realize this, of course, absurd as it is. But the battle against the Zoroastrians lurks in the background of the Persian wars, although it seems silly for anyone to hold this grudge over so many centuries. As if a murderer like Darwius had any connection!

But, without pressing the point of the Persian wars, it is important to see the obsure tactics in Gurdjieff’s revisionist myths of Zarathustra, thence to see that Nietzsche was also involved in this strange game.
The ‘esoteric’ is bullshit. But the invocation of it here indicates something that these figures have taken to their grave. The grudge match of Gurdjieff is an odd, and quite insidious thematic, with its parallels to Nietzsche.
I am beginning to find Zarathustra overrated, and in any case the object of preposterous revisionisms.

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