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Prophet of Nazism

We discussed this book a while back, I did not realize it was online: Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism By Abir Taha
Many attempts to rehabilitate Nietzsche fail, for reasons this book explains. That doesn’t mean we should fully trust this account either.

The book deeply analyses Nietzsche’s influence on Nazi ideology, focusing on how the Nazis appropriated most of Nietzsche’s concepts and ideals to fit them into their own doctrine. Yet in doing so, the author draws a clear distinction between the Nazi esoteric doctrine, – which is elitist, supra-national, and spiritual -, and the popular, nationalist exoteric doctrine. She then endeavours to establish a clear link between the Nazi secret doctrine and Nietzsche’s philosophy, revealing both the occult character of Esoteric Nazism and the pagan Aryanism of Nietzsche. The book has therefore a two-fold contribution: it unveils the Nazi esoteric doctrine, which the author claims is purely Nietzschean in character, and analyses Nietzsche’s philosophy in order to extract from it a clearly eugenicist, Aryanist dimension, thus establishing a clear link between the German philosopher’s thought and the Nazi Secret Doctrine. The author thus unveils both Nietzsche’s universal Aryanism as well as Nazism’s esoteric doctrine. This subject is of great interest to all those interested in a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimension of Nietzsche’s thought, as well as the occult nature of Nazism, and the relationship between these two doctrines. The book aims to end the controversy that is still ongoing today as regards Nietzsche’s relation to Nazism, by showing that the exoteric side of Nazism, which focuses on nationalism and biological racism, had little to do with Nietzsche’s elitist, universal and spiritual Aryanism, thus coming up with the conclusion that Nietzsche’s influence was essentially on the esoteric, spiritual, secret doctrine of Nazism.

More details
Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism: The Cult of the Superman
By Abir Taha
Edition: illustrated
Published by AuthorHouse, 2005
ISBN 1420841211, 9781420841213
196 pages

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