The measure of the man, a spy /2009/01/18/the-measure-of-the-man-a-spy/

The measure of the man, a spy

Comment on the ‘Gurdjieff the spy’ issue:

tom wasmuth
Gurdjieff was no White Russian. He was a Caucasian Greek, although his sympathies went rather with the Tsar and the old Russian monarchy with all their foibles than with the Bolsheviks whom he considered to be wiseacering Hasnamusian individuals, i.e. thugs and destroyers of genuine Russian cultural/spirtitual values as can be seen from the chapter on Russia in All and Everything.

He may have been a spy for the Russian monarchy in Tibet under the name Dordjieff in the early part of the 20th century, or perhaps an unofficial emissary of the Russian government to put in less sinister terms. To my knowledge this remains unproven.
The implication that his having been a spy would indicate that he was not passing on a true spiritual teaching is unpersuasive. Gurdjieff’s lament for the decay of ancient spiritual values, the tragedy of constant warfare on this ill-fated planet and his insistance on the importance of Consciousness and Conscience (to cite but four insights out of a much larger doctrine) certainly has caught the attention of a multitude of sincere and gifted spiritual searchers.
The fact, if it is a fact, and one pauses skeptically reading the imaginative assertions printed here, that some offsprings in families of those calling themselves “Gurdjieffians” only became interested in the Work to get their neglectful parents attention, leads one to wonder if we have a new theory of prodigies here. Was the boy Mozart only writing music to please his father, and ifso when did he start having such wonderful fun with it?
From Gurdjieff suspected of being an intelligence agent, 2009/01/17 at 2:36 AM

The Bolsheviks weren’t exactly saints, but if you call them thugs, I should say the Tsar was the biggest thug. And that Gurdjieff was a disguised manipulator of thugs.
It is not as though the nineteenth century left wasn’t able to compromise. But if you look at the facts of the history you see the Tsars were so extreme and delayed liberalism for so long (check out the Decembrists), and were so brutal in the period of the 1905 revolution that when Russia disintegrated in the First World War the left had been made viciously ready to fight back.
The point here is the question, what on earth is this ‘teaching’ from the likes of Gurdjieff, who is clearly siding with the forces of reaction?
You say being a spy doesn’t prevent anyone from passing on a spiritual teaching. But the spiritual value of truth-telling is lost with such people, hence nothing that they say can really be trusted. And Gurdjieff’s deceptions are not so hard to detect, once you know the character of the man, a former spy.

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