The New Age postmodern sabotage game /2008/11/21/comments-on-enlightennext-article/

Comments on EnlightenNext article

The New Age postmodern sabotage game

Why is it these people have such a problem with the Enlightenment? I can see no problem with a critique of the Enlightenment, the source of so many critiques, but it would seem useful to remember (as many secularists don’t) that the Enlightenment period triggered the rebirth of Indic spiritual studies, long nearly moribund in India itself. (Cf. Schlegel et al, or a biography of Schopenhauer for this effect of the later (counter)enlightenment)
Moral: there is no going back to the restoration of an Indic spiritual culture in the induced postmodern rubble of modernity. It is a fascist notion that has been turned into chewing gum ever since its hidden conspirational birth in the nineteenth century and echoed in such figures as Blavatsky and, indeed, even the unwitting Nietzsche.

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