The evolution debate and anti-modernism /2009/02/05/the-evolution-debate-and-anti-modernism/

The evolution debate and anti-modernism

Why pigs don’t have wings

Much of the confusion/debate over New Age issues revolves around evolution, although New Agers tend to be cagey and avoid the kind of direct collision we see with the Bible Belt.
We should be wary of New Age substitutes, but the basic objection stands.

To say that our minds were formed in the Paleolithic, well it may be true, but have a different meaning from what we think it means, as any reader of Bennett’s Dramatic Universe will realize.

But, in any case, by eliminating the crucial issues of human self-consciousness from the portrait of man, Darwinian reductionist evolutionism has alienated an immense number of people, and, fundamentalists apart, rightly so. For this has led to the anti-modernist extremes we see in so many ‘postmodern’ gurus, a tactic concealed in Gurdjieff’s devious version of all that.

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