Gurdjieff the crypto-nihilist? /2009/02/07/gurdjieff-the-crypto-nihilist/

Gurdjieff the crypto-nihilist?

I am often surprised at the passive acceptance of the Gurdjieff proposition from those who should be skeptical from the start.
After all, as Shirley announces without batting an eyelash in his book on Gurdjieff, referenced last week, Gurdjieff did not even believe in the possibility that many were able to adopt a spiritual path.
I won’t cite the passage in full, but remind those dreaming about a fourth way that no such thing really exists in the sense Gurdjieff spoke of it.

Gurdjieff is way out of line there, and it is important to demand some credentials at that point (if only to expose the lack of such): that is, Gurdjieff speaks without the slightest basis in authority of any kind.
So many are simply mesmerized by a fast talker, but it is important to see how little basis there is for his assertions on all levels. And he lies and lies and embroiders/wiseacres and makes things up.

On what grounds should anyone take this exploitation seriously? Please note the nihilism disguised behind the ‘spiritual path’ baloney: he has rejected the possibility of religion, redemption and salvation.
Thus he is way out of the mainstream, and a crypto-Nietzschean bent on genocidal destructions.
It is a brand of ‘spirituality’ that arises in the degeneracy of Islam and so-called sufism. There are endless numbers of complete idiots in the geographical range of sufism, and Gurdjieff was entangled in a specious concoction of ‘tradititons’ under dry rot in the various ‘paths’ inherited from earlier times.
The problem with the Gurdjieffian cynicism about human potential, is that that potential is universal, and waiting on its realization.
To indulge in right-wing fascism because the ordinary joe isn’t yet awake is a total miscalculation of history. In that sense the rise of modernity,that entity so hated by New Age gurus, is the real ‘fourth way’, in the sense of realizing the human potential for freedom, and much else.
Gurdjieff and his ilk are unable to reconcile themselves to the possibility that history moves on, has left the world of antiquity and its authoritarianism behind, and brought into existence the first civilization that devotes itself to the realization of potential by large numbers of people.

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