Clarification on recent edition of The Dramatic Universe (update 2018: I am sorry for the unnecessary confusion with Bennett’s son, since I scanned at most a few pages here and there. Scanning two thousand pages DU with a cheap scanner was never a project, if you try you will give up…I don’t quite recall the period)
Mr. Bennett clarifies his position on The Dramatic Universe.

Ben Bennett said,
17.07.09 at 5:54 pm ·
Dear John

I sent you those copies of DU as I was happy that you had read even enough of the book to write a review of it on I am sorry if this has caused offence. As for any intentions of making money – you probably realize that this is absurd. We re-printed in 1997 1000 copies, for which we raised the entire cost by private subscription. (This was a facsimile of the original typesetting which unfortunately perpetuated some errors which technical readers discover from time to time.) I watched my father working on this book through most of my childhood, and I knew that his prediction had been fulfilled that nobody would read it who could undertand it. In 12 years we have sold about 400 copies, so nobody is getting rich or ever expects to do so. Stigmatizing my father as a crook was a popular pastime in many quarters throughout his life and while I knew him it never bothered him, and neither does it concern us. If you do succeed in posting DU online in violation of copyright, I don’t expect very much harm will come of it, or interest be taken.

So good wishes to you and all you readers

Ben Bennett

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