Buddhism vs dhamma /2009/05/12/buddhism-vs-dhamma/

Buddhism vs dhamma

Dead Wood, a comment from James

James said,
11.05.09 at 6:43 pm ·

“But Buddhism has always changed shape according to place and time. Impermanence, as one of the three marks of existence, must apply also to Buddhism itself. It accepts, even demands, that every culture must find its own unique expressions of awakening.”

All fine and well, but the fact remains that the meditation monks couldn’t care less about “Buddhism” and would gladly admit that 99% of it is complete bullsh*t that wouldn’t lead anyone to self-realization:

“The survival of Buddhism and the survival of the Dhamma are two different things. People like Ajaan Mun — willing to make whatever sacrifices are needed to discover and practice the Dhamma on its own terms — are the ones who have kept the Dhamma alive. Of course, people have always been free to engage in Buddhist traditions in whatever way they like, but those who have benefited most from that engagement are those who, instead of reshaping Buddhism to fit their preferences, reshape themselves to fit in with the customs and traditions of the noble ones. To find these customs isn’t easy, given the bewildering variety of traditions that Buddhists have spawned over the centuries. To test them, each individual is thrown back on his or her own powers of relentless honesty, integrity, and discernment. There are no easy guarantees. ”


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