Charges of ‘hatred’ /2009/05/31/charges-of-hatred/

Charges of ‘hatred’

This is an aggrieved comment from some groupie from somewhere: the charge is of ‘hatred’.

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Hercules Washington said,
31.05.09 at 10:18 am ·

As I said you’ve entirely failed to understand it. In a childish way also.
You obviously have some sense of grievance – which wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve dealt with these so called ‘work’ groups. But to project that as some great truth ….
This is a ‘hate’ blog and won’t help anybody. How have you got yourself into putting so much effort into ‘hate’?

While we have certainly not given the appearance here of New Age lovie-dovie (hug me) style, this is certainly not a ‘hate’ perspective.
The charge is totally unfair, and completely naive.

Who exactly is the hate peddler? Gurdjieff is on record criticizing the ‘sufi path of love’ and saying that the solution was a ‘path of hate’. The viciousness of his ‘path’ bears him out on this statement.
It was Rajneesh who exposed the tactic of hate being promoted by certain esoteric groups (Buddhists) in fomenting the spiritual fascism of the early twentieth century.
It is E.J. Gold who was overheard praising the holocaust, as a kind of ‘spiritual work’. This from a jew.
Gold is notably vicious and hateful in his style of interaction.
He is on record saying he thinks disciples should be so harrassed that they are close to death are all times.
One of Gold’s prinicipal disciples formed a secret ‘nazi’ group, with people wearing nazi armbands, a group celebrating the value of mass murder.
Gold is a secret Crowley agent, routinely using hate voodoo against his enemies, and,worse, his own followers who are unsuspecting and trust him.
Lozowick wrote a book called ‘Spiritual Slavery’, an extreme provocation for democratic Americans, and then made this a test of surrender, using voodoo against those who resisted.
To preach slavery is a prima facie instance of using hatred.

I could go on. As a matter of fact I do hate slavery.

The charge of promoting hatred is the other way around.

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