Comment from G groupie /2009/06/02/comment-from-g-groupie/

Comment from G groupie

Comment on MBFM: On Lee Lozowick
This fellow has been bombarding the blog with comments, which i disapproved, except this one, to let him make his point.
He seems to think that if I criticize the holy G I must have a chip on my shoulder. I don’t, but what if I did?
The critique still stands.
These groupies seem to think that calling a pickpocket a thief deserves the label ‘chip on one’s shoulder’ from the exposer.

This fellow is misinformed about Gurdjieff: the point here is to make people ‘snap out it’ to some degree.
I think we are succeeding. It has been uncommon for New Agers to summon up the nerve to criticize these gurus. I think those days are over.

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