Distortions of the Lozowick book case /2009/06/06/distortions-of-the-lozowick-book-case/

Distortions of the Lozowick book case

Another comment from our groupie

Submitted on 2009/06/05 at 9:57am
Further, the point re burning the book (Lozowick) as some sort of atonement for a mistake is an incredibly bizarre misapprehsion of what actually happened.

This group have the ‘practise’ of symbolically letting go of personal attachments through destroying/burning letters, photos, bric-a-brac that we all tend to hold onto.
It is the internal letting go that matters but as thes are students, every couple of years they have a celbration where all bring the accumulated personal itiems to a bonfire where all is burned.
That you projected onto that that there was some unique drama regarding Lozowick is an astonishing confection.
The truth is much more mundane and rational.

You aren’t even a follower of this fellow and yet see fit to defend him with brazen untruths.
The question of Lozowick and his book Spiritual Slavery has been addressed in print and clearly you account is pure bullshit.

Further, it suggests Lozowick hasn’t repented of his destructive act, which means the situation is worse than I thought, and Lozowick both more stupid and more arrogant than I thought.
Obviously neither Lozowick nor his followers can really back down. But their reluctance changes nothing of the situation they have created, and for which they are responsible, one that has hurt a lot of people.
I think Lozowick must be trying to confront the obvious problem of claiming you are a godman (woe, what a credential) and being a complete idiot at the same time.

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