Fourth way and gullibility /2009/07/19/fourth-way-and-gullibility/

Fourth way and gullibility

mybrainisafleamarket said,
19.07.09 at 8:09 am ·
Its hard to say whether people became gulliable AFTER getting involved with Fourth Way, or whether it tends to attract people who are, unconsciously, looking for authority figures who engage in chronic mystification.

When you have an entire group of people who share this tendency, it can create a psychological undertow, which creates powerful feeling of instant intimacy, and when all this is projected upon a leader who takes all this in, and fails to assist each person to make a conscious connection with their own best natures and reclaim into themselves what they projected out onto the leader…then there is trouble.

What gets me is how very many crooks were spawned by the Fourth Way system and that people stay in it for generations, as a kind of family disease.

Thats unfreedom, not freedom and a sign to this correspondant that the system existed only to empower a single leader and that because the leader needed followers, he (or she) was also wearing the same chains that the group was locked into.

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