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James on ‘spirit world’ etc

James said,
22.06.09 at 9:36 am ·
Actually, I doubt it is beyond our perceptual consciousness. I rarely tell anybody about it, but I’ve actually had the experience (it happened over a few months when I was in my mid-twenties and four of my friends who are/were feet on the ground, pragmatic types also experienced it). I won’t go into the details but whatever it was definitely seemed to be sentient and to have a personality. My own speculation is that “consciousness” and “life” has a broader range of manifestation in space-time than is currently believed.

Your point is well taken but it is important to remember that Kant spoke only the internal categories of the understanding, in his terminology, and the way these structure experience. There are ways to detect something that is beyond the constructs of experience, but that doesn’t really change Kant’s point.

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