Interpolated post: 2018

I have been harsh on Bennett but I still have an idea to produce a commentary on The Dramatic Universe. The book needs a critique (there are dozens of gross errors, e.g. his use of the cycles of the Great Year) but the question of Samkhya far transcends the Gurdjieff question: we see a very peculiar version in christian theology: one might consider the absurd theology of the Trinity and then read Bennett’s discussion of the cosmic triad. The fog disperses, almost. We see in Bennett the evidence or suspicion would be better of something behind the confusion of the christian version which must have diffused from yogis moving into the roman empire, or some other source. And behind that something that must be something very ancient. Here gurdjieff is right: there are earlier lost versions of teachings like samkhya, we suspect, if only because idiots don’t make up things of a certain type as here. conventional samkhya in India is so decayed it is hard to evaluate: the whole thesis of sattwas, rajas, tamas is almost ridiculous as oversimplification. The whole of yoga discourse is rendered suspect.

Bennett’s linking of the triads of samkhya with the factor of ‘will’ (as in his being, function, will) is a remarkable insight and echoes Schopenhauer: it is so novel it requires independent evaluation, not so easy. His overall treatment is so complex that it is not easy to evaluate…

My views have changed slightly since the material in the old blog was written. It needs a long discussion…The question of triads was properly put into a discussion in a mathematical context of n-term systems by bennett, but still i think misunderstood. If we fail with triads, what then of quartic, pentadic, hexadic, then the crucial septanary for the other nonsense, the law of seven, etc, systems up to the dodecad? Dodecads are absolutely fascinating IF AND ONLY If the foundation is solid, and I fear… The depiction of the law of three by gurdjieff was not right, I suspect, and bennett ended up writing books on gurdjieff stating his versions, then in the DU taking a more sophisticated view. what a mess. It is impossible given Gurdjieff’s obscure writings to know what he knew, and he hid a lot, not just for esoteric reasons, but to hide his own low intelligence and idiocy. It looks like the whole game flunked the triad rendering the whole game a fantasy…

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