Issuing a warning /2009/06/11/issuing-a-warning/

Issuing a warning

Two more comments from Mr. Hercules Washington.
Mr. Washington, I will give you two more comments, then be on your way. If you don’t like our critiques of gurus, then you will have to live with it.

Your criticisms are off the mark. By your own admission you have no involvement or knowledge of Gurdjieff. And it appears you care not to use a pseudonym, a sign in itself.
So what is the basis of your defense? The usual deceptive garbage that started with ISOM.

This blog is intended for those who can snap out of the dangerous vulnerability that Ouspensky’s (unwitting) propaganda (and that of others) puts them in. It is a dangerous situation where the victims have had no public recourse. They are simply discarded people, silenced further by enforcers like you.
For example,
This line of critique began at Darwiniana, with some emails/comments from ‘Sillykitty’, a respondent warned something was awry (re: E.J. Gold, thence Gurdjieff) by my Amazon reviews of Gurdjiff/Ouspensky. He was helped to work through PTSD from the spiritual rape he endured via the Gold strain. This situation of his fiinally made it into Wikipedia.
So this is not about me, about whom you know nothing whatsoever, but the next generation of the vulnerable, and others with pseudonyms who can summon up the courage to defy that ‘great soul of yours’, the vampire Gurdjieff.
We leave that future generation with a caveat emptor with respect to Gurdjieff groups, which are now self-sustaining spiritual profit ops against the steady flow of suckers, and the endless imitators or predatory cooptors like Gold.
It is not your business to come here and disrupt this effort, which in any case is too intangible for your understanding.

You have had your say, now you are done.

This blog has reached a lot of people, and I hope been helpful.
It can help those who are on the fringes of secular society with cult awareness information (as with the good work of MBFM) and with those who like Sillykitty suddenly impinge on the shadow zone and fear for their sanity.

So let us to our business. We are breaking no laws, and owe nothing of respect to degenerates like Gurdjieff and the rest of the gangster sufism circuit.

hercules washington said,
11.06.09 at 9:08 am ·
Now, while there are without doubt plenty of false ‘gurus’ and bogus saints a project such as this intent on demolishing the whole subject in fact is delivering falsehood and lies. It’s the embodiment of the very evil it purports to decry.

It’s also futile, you might as well argue that ‘marriage’ is pointless. These are things of the heart and no amount of warnings will deter people from embarking on them.

The whole blog is a monument to anger, hate, and quixotic folly.
Where has anything done in this spirit contributed anything great to mankind?

You set yourself in judgement over many many groups and ‘teachers’.
Therefore you clearly think you know more. You see yourself as the great guru of all. Yet you have numerous simple facts upside down. This doesn’t seem to matter one iota to you – when corrected you deny with even more outrageous and imagined assertions.
Any project that sets it philosophy as a beacon of truth needs to be impeccable itself where facts are concerned.
The whole thing is childish nonsense.

hercules washington said,
11.06.09 at 1:10 am · In every sphere in life there are cons. Though there are many cons in the religious field it does not follow that it is all a con.
So for those who suggest that, you are hopelessly naive.

I am not a Gurdjieff follower of any shape, but I can tell you that George Gurdjieff was a great soul. His own work here was unusual for reasons particular to him but often real teachers like G. can provoke extreme reactions in people. These reactions are desperate attempts of the false ego to preserve itself. Though of course it doesn’t feel like to to the one experiencing it.

If you have that experience and get stuck there then it means you are not ready to progress at that point.

Broadly speaking, among sincere aspirants, there is universal respect for Gurdjieff.

Finding yourself in a small clique declaring that it is all evil leaves you in that position………….a minority crank. It’s not my intention to offend. I am being direct, this is how the normal person will see it. Like the various other misguided cranks out there – the 9/11 conspiracy, the moon landings were a hoax etc.
There are many such. As there are many mad sects.

I will finish here shortly. I iterate, you have completely failed to understand the matter.

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