Jung and Bennett /2009/06/17/jung-and-bennett/

Jung and Bennett

Jung reminds me sometimes of J.G.Bennett: an extremely intelligent man whose facility mixed with gullibility proves his undoing.
Bennett, like Jung, absorbed an immense amount of this and that but was betrayed by the concealed ‘fascist’ elements or strains that he picked up in omnivorous searches.

Jung’s theory in the end is flawed, the reason I tend to stay away from him.
Seeing, as MBFM, most usefully points out, that Jung is not discovering so much as recycling gives me a sense of the partial rightness of my judgment.

Jung, of course, is a parallel ‘universe’ next to that other fraud, Sigmund Freud.
We need to see the environment of the time, as MBFM indeed suggests, in his citations, and that includes the occult renaissance, Nietzsche, Wagner, and the branch of the New Age movement arising in Germany at that period.
It all seems a degeneration from the acute insights of Schopenhauer. Freud, Nietzsche and to a lesser to degree Wagner (who was a musician not a philosopher) tend to demonstrate the rapid decline of the Kantian tradition, which holds a key to the real way to resolve these issues of psyche and unconscious.
These people thus fail to arrive at a coherent spiritual psychology, and the result shows.

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