Larsen’s Classical Samkhya /2009/07/12/larsens-classical-samkhya/

Larsen’s Classical Samkhya

Classical Samkhya: An interpretation of its History and Meaning (Paperback)
by Gerald James Larson

There is a very good study of Samkhya by Gerald Larson, for anyone who wants to stay grounded in the classic version of all that.

The amazon search page lists two other books I hadn’t heard of, quite recent:

Classical Samkhya And Yoga: The Metaphysics Of Experience (Routledgecurzon Hindu Studies Series) – Hardcover (Dec 13, 2006) by Mikel Buley
At the outrageous price of $160 I would suspect this book as attempting to get you so mystified you will think the price was worth it. Since I haven’t seen the book, I don’t know.
Samkhya is a fairly simple scheme, scratchpad thinking, it shouldn’t require a price markup like this.

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