Lozowick and the ‘god man’ fraud /2009/06/02/lozowick-and-the-god-man-fraud/

Lozowick and the ‘god man’ fraud

Lozowick, in the wake of Da Free John (and also Andrew Cohen, though he is more tight lipped about it), is seriously trying to promote the ‘god man’ garbage in twentieth/twenty-first century America.

There is a simple answer to this: don’t stand for it. Demand something different. How a confused jerk like Lozowick could think he was entitled to that is hard to grasp, especially after his disconbobulation. But people are highly suggestible, and it is possible this kind of thing will turn into a new ‘tradition’.

You have only yourself to blame if you do let this happen. Protest, and expose the game.
It is one thing with figures like Lozowick.
But soon figures like E.J. Gold will (and already have!!!! decades ago) will find a way to turn it against you.
(Gold long since claimed he was one of this elect, using slightly different terminology)
What is it with these self-appointed gurus??? Three of them now, with Gold using voodoo against any uppity New Agers who aspires to be a teacher or interfere with his monopoly (btw, he used to be explicit about his ‘monopoly’ game, although noone at first quite understood what he meant, controlling the guru circuit by declaring war against any other pretenders).

The point should be clear: either everyone is a ‘god man’ by definition (it is easy to make that case on the level of verbiage), or else we should not bother with the category applied to anyone. It is a dangerous attempt to void Western ideas of equality.

It is one of the most degenerate hold overs of the neo-brahmin pseudo-tradition, and arises because its bloodsucking possibilities and super-authoritarian basis.

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