Replacing the Kantian categories /2009/07/13/replacing-the-kantian-categories/

Replacing the Kantian categories (again an update, 2018:you can replace the categories, but why? Schopenhauer did so, also, however. But Kant;s work is really about the classic transcendental deduction, a distant cousin perhaps to something like advaita. Bennett wasa student of whitehead, bad choice for a student of gurdjieff, and thus a realist i the midst of all this mysticism…confused?)

Later in his introduction Bennett hints at his strategy: he is going to replace the categories of Kant with new ones!! Hilarious bit of nonsense, the whole and entire foundation of his system is going to rest on that.
I fear that Bennett has failed to grasp the Kantian critique of metaphysics.

His tactic is a complex combination of mysticism and realism, and can’t seem to grasp what Kant was about. This is important since there is nothing out of date about those categories of Kant. There are plenty of critics of that system, but Bennett’s approach suggests we are going to be treated to some metaphysics of illusion.

…Let us look at the requirements that such a pnnclple would have to satisfy. In the first place, it must provide us with new categones of thought to take the place of the awkward and pitifully inadequate forms that we have inherited from Aristotle and the German transcendental philosophers. When these categories were formulated, natu~al SCIence had not made the prodigious advances of the last two centunes. I.n any event natural science must remain limited in its forms of expreSSiOn so long ~s it is concerned almost exclusively with predictab.ility. If science is to transcend its limitations, it must, first of all, recogmze them. ~h~n only will it be possible to step out of the narrow f~rms of thought wlthm which the scientific intuition is now confined. It IS necessary to be able to think and to speak in new forms about quantity as well as about

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