The corrupt godman guru game /2009/06/06/the-corrupt-godman-guru-game/

The corrupt godman guru game

Distortions of the Lozowick book case

This follower/groupie (who hasn’t really said who he is or what his game/cult is) should be advised that defending people like Lozowick is an irresponsible thing to do. The more so as this man has, remarkably, been forced to abjure his own book.

It is irresponsible because it helps to snare others in this game, a very cynical game finally, by one’s own example. It is not surprising that people who lust for power over others might, in the tide of the New Age movement, take up the old neo-brahmin game of guru to deceive others. But it is especially sad that Westerners from America, the prime democratic culture, should carelessly fritter away the free spirituality of their culture from the quagmire of black magic and exploitation imported from Hinduism.
Maybe this can be the first and last generation of such naivete and passivity in spiritual seekers.
In any case, smooth talkers like Lozowick are extremely misleading. He started his game as a competitive challenge to Da Free John, hiding behind the jargon of the ‘satsang’ movement. He knew he could get away with it, at least to the point of getting an ashram going: nice business, set for life. A percentage of the paychecks of all your duped followers.

This game is NOT spirituality, not in India, and not in America. It is the last fart end of the law of caste, which springs from Indo-European tribal logic, and was used to take over and enslave India in the name of spirituality, a spirituallity ripped off from the previous inhabits of India.
It is part of an initiative, which we see barely concealed in Gurdjieff et al, to underminde spiritual freedom, democracy and liberal culture in the name of some postmodern destruction of modernity.
Lozowick is a small player in that game, and the bigwigs obviously didn’t like his way of unwittingly exposing the business in his botched book, and had to unload him. Pathetic idiot.
It is time to see that neo-brahminism is one of the worst frauds of world history. These pimples on its backside like Lozowick should not be taken lying down.
Don’t stand for this attempt to graft a corrupt tradition on Western cultures.

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