Wrong approach to sufi cannibals /2009/04/23/eating-the-i-and-other-sick-jokes-from-the-4th-way/

“Eating the I” and other sick jokes from the ‘4th way’

Eating The “I”: A Direct Account of The Fourth Way—
The Way of Using Ordinary Life to Come to Real Life
by William Patrick Patterson

I am normally a casual sort, but with the phrase ‘eating the I’ in connection with creepy Gurdjieffians, I snap too, alert, looking over my shoulder.

Patterson is a polished sort of ‘sucker’, they are not born every minute, but still…

I can’t give the sick joke away (maybe the joke’s on Patternson), but I will say, make sure you find the stuff on ‘trogoautoegocrat’ in the Gurdjieff grimoire, and from there on in/out, ask yourself why Gurdjieff is incapable and unwilling to become a vegetarian.

Poor Patterson.

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