Archive: Help Wanted: occult private dicks

Archive: Help Wanted: occult private dicks

archive; november 2006, darwiniana
There are no such private dicks, so the victims will perish anonymously as missing persons. So who will track down Gold’s victims?
The previous post on Gold mentioned the Crazy Wisdon guru tradition, and here is the source, found via the Wikipedia article, a reference to G. Feuerstein.

This kind of formal posturing on gurus is a form of legitimation, that a figure such a Gold doesn’t deserve. There is no exception category for out of line people to act out on other people. So the Crazy Wisdom tradition is hype.
The issue is, what is going on here? Whatever else is the case the public groups and followers of such a figure as Gold are moving through a phony front that has no significance, contributes nothing to anyone’s ‘spiritual path’ and ends up making victims of a few unfortunate wretches Gold decides to target in the years AFTER they have gone through these fronts. Tracking the fate of these people is a difficult or impossible task. They become isolated and easy pickings for the hyena gang.
There should be a checklist of all the people who passed through such groups, with someone to keep on eye on the situation, including medical records. Obviously there is no such protection!
Ordinary deprogrammers are of no use in this situation! They would run away screaming if they figured it out.
Feuerstein’s remarks here, garbage as far as I am concerned, but then he isn’t referring to Gold.

The whole guru tradition is going over a cliff at this point. Gurus don’t help people. There seem to be obvious exceptions. It is an old tradition, but we need a new approach at this point.
Don’t get suckered into temptations offered by gurus.
Travel light, without ‘barakas’, spiritual gifts, energies or ‘secret methods’. they are worthless, but binding.
Strip yourself back down to ‘basic everyday consciousness’ without ‘shakti highs’, and get to work with something from honest sources.
People have to help themselves, a point made clear in many Buddhist traditions, except the guru obsessed Tibetan. Say fuck you to these fascist Tibetans. They resemble sufis. (not the public lamas, and other celebrities).

Spare yourself the misfortune of entanglement in sufistic traditions.
Stinking mafia. Small wonder the Islamic world is going insane.

In attempting to explain Gold’s peculiar brand of charisma in sociological terms, the most relevant framework (aside from Weber’s familiar observations (1946) on “ethical” versus “exemplary” prophets), is found in Georg Feuerstein’s recent book, Holy Madness. Feuerstein (1991) embarks on perhaps the first systematic study of spiritual masters whose teaching methods involve pranks, ordeals of terror and ritual obscenity. He finds in the lives of these “crazy wisdom” gurus authentic “relics of an archaic spirituality,” and explains their controversial tactics as techniques designed to shock their disciples out of preconditioned responses and social conditioning. Gold himself acknowledges his affiliation with this particular sadhana, for he refers to his spiritual movement as “the heartless school of E.J. Gold,” and his sudden outbursts of temper and off-colour jokes are explained as “the way of malamah,” or “the sufi way of blame.” The absurd and outrageous ordeals which students undergo are spiritually validated by core group leaders as “the quick way of head bashing and ego-squashing” (Gold, 1977). Many more colorful examples of “holy madness” might be found among the founders of new religious movements, but the career of Gold appears to be a particularly interesting case, because his organization is the only example (to my knowledge) which clearly reflects and closely embodies the “crazy wisdom” pedagogy. Gold has apparently succeeded in institutionalizing the “holy madness” type of charisma which, more than any other type, is intrinsically opposed to, and resistant toward, the process of institutionalization and routinization (Weber, 1946; Feuerstein, 1991).

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