Crooks’ paths/2009/08/28/crooks-paths/

Crooks’ paths

Comment on Is There A Path?

By Gurdjieff’s own declaration the ‘fourth way’ was an ancient ‘path’. And yet without specifying any history with facts, or any background, he proposes his own version of that. We are suspicious that he has taken something and substituted his own thinking.

As to you slur against me, I could have done better than Gurdjieff on many points (not much of a claim). What he did, as Rajneesh pointed out, was a hopeless failure.

The result is a mess that noone can use.

You should be gratefull someone takes the trouble to expose this. And my relation to all that might surprise you.
It is very dangerous to attack these people. They have created a business of exploitation that noone can figure out.

When devils create ‘spiritual paths’ the results are dreadful.
Gurdjieff is totally outside the great traditions and the basic honesty required of any spiritual tradition.

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