Illusion of hidden brotherhoods/2009/08/15/illusion-of-hidden-brotherhoods/

Illusion of hidden brotherhoods

A passage from Madame Blavatsky’s Baboon, p. 336:

…The Age of Aquarius would then be at hand.

The problem with this process of change was that it required not only the preservation of the world from destruction but the appearance of spiritual leaders of the highest calibre. Such leaders, Bennett knew, were not to be found among ordinary men. Ous¬pen sky and Gurdjieff had both alerted him to the existence of a hidden brotherhood who directed human affairs, and Gurdjieff had hinted that he himself was either a member of that brotherhood or at least in touch with it. The objective of the Work and the System was to render oneself worthy of communion with the Brothers and even – who knows? – to become one of their number. Bennett now wondered whether he himself might not be on the way to such a destiny.

It is hard for many to evaluate the claims of Gurdjieff, but we can see from a passage such as this that he is really recycling Blavatsky’s claims, and these are a mysterious concoction from the nineteenth century, with some hidden figure in the background that serves to mystify and potentially legitimate an occult myth in the making.
The claims about a hidden brotherhood that directs human affairs is, ironically, evidence of how little Gurdjieff knew or understood.

My point here, as already discussed in the G-con series of essays, is to look at the eonic effect, and to see that an immense evolutionary/historical process is at work that is far far beyond a mere ‘hidden brotherhood’.

The point here is that there is a dimension to this beyond the individual, and the attempt by a figure such as Gurdjieff to ensare people into believing him and his claims is preposterous and false. The real thing, which isn’t a hidden brotherhood, is on a scale that dwarfs the con man schems of the likes of Gurdjieff.

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