…nibbana, is said to be totally uncaused…/2009/08/09/nibbana-is-said-to-be-totally-uncaused/

…nibbana, is said to be totally uncaused…

Samsara Divided by Zero
Thanissaro Bhikkhu

This is from one of the interesting articles linked to by James, which are all worth reading.
However, I would no longer really endorse the tie in with chaos theory. The fad of chaos theory explanations gets to be a form of abuse (as is obvious from following the Chaos listserve). (Deterministic chaos is not likely to explain uncaused events)>

The resemblance to Kantian discourse, and critique of metaphysics, is far more relevant and useful.

Because there are many similarities between chaos theory and Buddhist explanations of causality, it seems legitimate to explore those similarities to see what light chaos theory can throw on the issue of how a causal path of practice can lead to an uncaused goal. This is not to equate Buddhism with chaos theory, or to engage in pseudo-science. It’s simply a search for similes to clear up an apparent conflict in the Buddha’s teaching.

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