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Archive: Gold, genocide, and rightist esotericism

archive: april 2007, darwiniana
The Gold/sillykitty thread, continued.
Sillykitty: I am going to conclude my communication to you, for the nonce.

You have heard my warnings about the Gold operation. But the depth of the problem is mindboggling.
The spread of sufism in the West via Gurdjieff et al. has always been associated with extreme rightist groups, a point clear if you read the fine print in Ouspensky/Gurdjieff literature.
There’s worse, a lunatic connection with the surge of fascism in the early twentieth century.
Gold was always mixed up in that, although you would have a hard time detecting that.
He has been overheard declaring the holocaust a necessary mass death, in the totally mad efforts of those groups to promote their version of Nietzschean mass murder.
It is hard to believe, but it lurks in the shadows of the whole sufistic swindle emanating from the war against modernity, among other things.
The whole thing is a disease, and watching people like Pagels gushing over the ‘judas gospel’ as gnostic wisdom makes anyone wince here. Meet the judas gang in action.

Keep in touch.

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