Bennett vs Jaynes

Bennett vs Jaynes

In spite of what he has previously said, Bennett leaves open the possibility that consciousness is also changing in historical times (by the nature of the case that might be true, also Think of a jungle jim: inventing one and using it are two different things. The emergence of consciousness and its development can be separate aspects).
The point here is that Jaynes’ view, while cockeyed, perhaps points to something real: man is undergoing an accelerated transformation of his consciousness in historical times.

Nevertheless, despite my reserve about Bennett’s overall system it makes sense to say, as he does, that man’s ‘consciousness’ is a species characteristic that appears at the threshold of hominization.

Let us here anticipate conclusions to be reached later and set down
the stages which man has covered in his progress up to the present time.
Starting with Australopithecus, we can distinguish the following main steps.
First step. Some hominoid stock selected for organization of sensitivity corresponding to characteristics of man. Development of biped habit and increasing use of fore-paws for rudimentary
skills. Leads to Australopithecus 3-4 million years B.P.

2nd step Australopithecus endowed with consciousness. Appearance of
first true men 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 million years B.P. leads to Homo erectus.

3rd step Homo erectus produces many sub-species and varieties. Con-
structs tools and has a basic speech. Development of sapiens
with full cranial capacity 150,000-180,000 years B.P.

4th step.The appearance of Homo sapiens sapiens with individual
creativity. 37,000-42,000 years B.P.

5th step. Homo sapiens sapiens develops social consciousness, agri-
culture, settlements, and a complex language structure.
11 ,000 years B.P.

6th step. ‘Modern Man’ comes forward during the time of the great
Revelations. 2,000 years B.P.

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