Buddhism beside Hinduism /2009/09/04/buddhism-beside-hinduism/

Buddhism beside Hinduism

James comment: ‘I don’t know what to think’:

Your instincts were always right, to consider the Buddhist side tradition. In fact, that tradition, the successor to the Jain tradition was always suspicious of the Hindu stream. That was part of the reason why ‘kshatriayas’ (from the so-called ‘warrior’ caste, in fact they were perhaps from the oustanding prior tradition) found a refuge in Buddhism as against the Brahman establishment.

Many have always smelled a rat with Hinduism.
With respect to The Gurdjieff Con we should be aware that Ouspensky embraced the most offensive and reactionary aspect of the Hindu pseudo-religion: caste, and the Code of Manu.
We need to denounce and expose this aspect of so-called Hinduism, as an Aryan interpolation into the more ancient tradition.

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