Bennett the capitalist/spy//2009/10/15/bennett-the-capitalistspy/

Bennett the capitalist/spy/

Comment on systematics

It’s a good point that that systematics and DU should be separated: the former seems to lead to management consultancy courses aiming to facilitate Shell in screwing over the Niger Delta with the aid of discerning “underlying patterns” that can be used to create corporate strategy; the latter leads to “Energies” and a more modest attempt to systematise (as opposed to Systematise) the experience of altered states of consciousness. Which still must be a worthwhile thing to try, despite the tremendous mountains of nonsense (well-meaning or not) which teeter over it. – well, I thought it was worthwhile, but now I find there’s a very well-developed yogic vocabulary for these states which I wasn’t aware of before.

Good point: Bennett was very much the crypto-elite/capitalist, and the business management stuff dealing with this systematics (which I have noted, but never checked out) is a bizarre side to his corpus

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