Booknotes: Against The Modern World/2009/09/24/booknotes-against-the-modern-world/

Booknotes: Against The Modern World

MBFM comment.

mybrainisafleamarket said,
23.09.09 at 5:44 pm · (wiggle, squirm blush)
Well, I appreciate the compliment, but all I did was read Mark Sedgwick’s book, Against the Modern World, and keep it handy on the bookshelf next to my computer.
Danielou sounded like a familiar name, I knew he had some kind of tie to Rene Guenon, because I had read Sedgwick. So, all I needed to do was reach for the book and quote the necessary passages.

I recommend all interested persons purchase a copy. It has just been reissued in paperback and if you go to, you can do some comparison shopping.

The book is a pleasure to read and even the footnotes are terrific.

You are correct: I am going to get the book, even though I read it quite a while ago (with a library copy).

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