Buddhism is dead. Super dead/2009/11/01/buddhism-is-dead/

Buddhism is dead. Super dead

CAN BUDDHISM SURVIVE AMERICA? No it can’t, and is already ‘trash’ of the highest order.

I hold no brief for Rajneesh, but I note that he addressed the issue of Buddhism ad infinitum/nauseam decades ago: his take was that his neo-Buddhism was the continuation beyond the passing of Buddhism, etc….

Buddhism as a spiritual/historical study is only beginning, but Buddhism as a spiritual path in the context of Gautama Buddha is deader than a dead door nail.
Might I point out that Rajneesh quietly pointed out the ‘gottedammerung’ of Buddhism in the Nazi self-destruction. Buddhism is super toxic at this point. Take the books and literature and study it in a kind of quarantine.
Declare your autonomy and independence (and don’t get sucked into that whorehouse called Hinduism, a fake religion and two thousand year old swindle)
Buddhism since then has ceased to exist. All the chickens with their heads cut off are still running around oblivious to the ‘gangsters in the void’ that are shitting out afterburner for a few final effects.

I feel sorry for Rajneesh: he had the moment to create a great continuation, and it slipped away. Wonder why?!!!

After our remarks on Danielou it is worth noting that Rajneesh was a Jain!!! Take a hint!!
Bypassing the phantom of Hinduism and other fake crap is the way of the future.
Time for some study of Jainism, its legacy, and relation to Buddhism. Lament not the passing of Buddhism. Gautama predicted it.

Beyond the gurus! Good bye to all that.

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