Danielou and Guenon’s Traditionalism/2009/09/23/danielou-and-guenons-traditionalism/

Danielou and Guenon’s Traditionalism

comment from MBFM

mybrainisafleamarket said,
23.09.09 at 7:54 am ·
Alain Danielou appears to have been a perennialist, and a devotee of Rene Guenon’s Traditionalism. This is discussed in two comments I have appended to a later article.

MBFM is just in time to start looking at the context of Danielou’s New Age thought, and his connection with Guenon’s Traditionalism is essential to know, after we momentarily gave his works some credence.

The usefulness of Danielou was to have some support for what I have always suspected (but don’t really know for sure) is the solution to the Aryan migration debate: Indian spirituality predates the Aryans and has a Dravidian history going back to the Neolithic. The asseration that the Puranas are probably complex translations from some Dravidian source clinches the point right away, but most scholars are afraid to say such a thing in their books/.
But we need to scope Danielou against his background, as MBFM is doing.

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