E.J. Gold and the black magic of spiritual rape on masochists/2009/11/02/ej-gold-and-the-black-magic-of-spiritual-rape-on-masochists/

E.J. Gold and the black magic of spiritual rape on masochists

MBFM on BDSM and guruism

MBFM’s important post is now up on the links list in the sidebar. This theme of his points to something anyway wandering through the Gurdjieff jungle must be wary of:

a masochist is an especially inviting target of exploitation by Gurdjieff black magicians. Be forewarned. Always be wary of these people.
The great bullshit of masocishism is that the masochist has supposed given his consent to pain, and destructive invultuation.
NO KIDDING. This sordid joke that is no joke is especially deadly in the E.J. Gold circuit of Gurdjieff/Sufi crime where the spiritual masochist type is the object of dark machinations not shown in public.

These criminals will never end up in jail. Instead idiots will call them spiritual gurus.

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