Holding cannibals to a higher standard?/2009/10/15/holding-cannibals-to-a-higher-standard/

Holding cannibals to a higher standard?

Comment on Consciousness, etc…

Andrew said,
15.10.09 at 4:34 am ·
Bennett could certainly be both extravagant and gullible. He also says that he had visionary experiences, for example he describes somehow seeing the action of triads. I don’t quite agree with your view of “magical perceptions”. If I accept that people can have magical perceptions, my own relationship to those perceptions must still treat the described perceptions as speculation or approximation or as requiring the same testing as any other statement. If one has them oneslef then they are part of one’s subjective inner life. If one foists a magical perception on another, it’s instant spiritual authoritarianism. And of course, people can have overwhelming visionary experiences and magical perceptions that are erroneous, or paranoid, etc.

Anthony Blake is someone who has tried hard to avoid treating Bennett’s work as dogma and instead stripping it of some of its trappings and pushing it into new areas.

The result must, however, be beyond reproach: The Gurdjieff gang is ALWAYS under suspicion of making things up in order to hypnotize the gullible and make them passive followers, and ‘school cattle’ for a group of vicious ‘cannibals’.

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